Nicola Carroll's Childminding Service



Complaints Procedure

  It is your right as a parent to pass on or complain about the care and education of your child whilst they're in my home, if you're not happy with it. I gladly welcome any suggestions that you may have and will always take any concerns seriously.

If you do have a worry etc, please remember that I am always willing and available to discuss an issue, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Just let me know and we will arrange a mutually convenient time for us to both meet and chat further, without any children being around. Please remember, that this applies to myself too, if I have any problems that I wish to raise about your child.

Hopefully, this will resolve the matter and achieve a satisfactory outcome. If not, you should contact your local OFSTED who's responsible for the registration of childminders and ensuring that they adhere to the laid down regulations.

This can be done by telephoning the EYDCP main number on 01273 293495 or Family Information Service on 01273 293545 or OFSTED on 0845 6014771.

However, I am confident that most things can be sorted out at an early stage, between the parent and myself (Registered providers must investigate all written complaints relating to the requirements and notify complainants of the outcome of the investigation within 28 days of having received the complaint. Registered providers must provide OFSTED, on request, with a written record of all complaints made during any specified period and the action which was taken as a result of each complaint)

Any record of complaints are kept for a minimum of 3 years.